Best Backcourt Ever: Kyrie and Dion (2014-2015)

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The NBA has never seen a tighter backcourt than Kyrie and Dion. They truly shocked the NBA world.

So in October of 2014 when John Wall said that he and Bradley Beal were the NBA’s best backcourt the world collectively scoffed. Total BS. Dion agreed:

“That’s nonsense,” Waiters said after practice Tuesday. “(Beal is) supposed to say that, but I know deep down, he’s not messing with me and Ky (Kyrie Irving). I think me and Ky are the best backcourt, young backcourt. That’s all.”

When Dion was inevitably traded 3 months later, he and Kyrie reportedly had a tearful goodbye. Just before Dion boarded the Waiters express to Westbrook world, he reflected with Ky on their past glory.

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