Jeremy Lin Gets A Billion Votes (2014-2015)

jeremy lin cartoons adam silver allstar billion votes chart scientist linsanity comic

Linsanity. Do you remember? From February 10th 2012 to March 31st 2012, the undrafted rookie Jeremy fuckin Lin took the keys to the Lambo for a romp across New York City. He became a beloved figure in New York, leading the Knicks on a 7-game win streak. It was like a 16 seed made it to the Final Four. It was incredible!

Though this fantastic moment in sports history happened (at that time) three years previous, Lin’s popularity across the globe maintained. Overnight he basically became the greatest Chinese American baller of all time and a hero the likes of Yao Ming in China. So I always wondered how the Allstar voting must’ve gone those years. Surely Stern/Silver put a cap on his votes coming from Asia, right? There could be literally a billion votes, right? How does all that work?

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