Kobe Celebrates 81 Point Game Anniversary with Old Teammates (2015-2016)

kobe cartoons bryant lights cake with 81 candles as phil jackson smush parker and kwame brown sit at table. a mounted raptor head is on the wall. nba comics.

Kobe is a legend.

His accolades speak volumes:

✔ Five-time NBA Champion.
✔ Two-time NBA Finals MVP
✔ The 2008 MVP
✔ Eleven-time All-NBA First team.
✔ 60 Points in his final game at age 37.

… oh my god, it just goes on and on.

He won an Academy Award, for god’s sake.

Let’s not forget one of his most amazing SINGULAR accomplishments. On May 3, 2004 Jellybean Jr., maxed out against the Raptors. In a 122-104 victory, Kobe became the second most prolific in-game scorer of all time with an 81 point barrage.

He scored 66% of his teams points. The next highest scorer on the Lakers was Kobe’s favorite teammate Smush Parker. To this day, Kobe still shits on Smush. Leave Smush alone!!!

On the 10th Anniversary of this personal record, Smush threw a party for Kobe with a five-tiered Wedding-style, pink frosted cake. Kwame Brown appeared and sat in the corner and Kobe lit all 81 candles himself. Who actually ever needs help, anyway?

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