If They Never Balled 5/5 – Westbrook: The Fashionisto

russell westbrook cartoons nba comics at fashion show in green suit and red glasses model is wearing a deflated basketball on her head what a lovely hat

Nobody thought Russell Westbrook would lead the NBA’s hilarious fashion renaissance. Guys like Lebron, Durant, Wade and Bosh were showing up to games looking fresh and dapper, but Westbrook went next level. This dude literally wore a plaid pajama robe to a game. He dressed up like a member of a barbershop quartet. And who could forget the Sally Jessy Raphael glasses and fishing lure shirt?

Westbrook is an amazing guy. Those are some of the more odd examples, but he goes big on fashion and definitely knows style. If Russell Westbrook never picked up a basketball I am confident that he would end up on a New York runway critiquing the newest fashion. As the model with a deflated basketball on her head moved down the catwalk, a strange thrill would fill him. “That hat! There’s something about that hat…”

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